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Getting Around Diabetes for the Tucson Holiday Season

Feasts of rich dishes and sweet, sumptuous desserts are cooking up for this holiday season. Americans will observe several little holidays throughout the year that are centered on indulgence, but October, November and December are the most sugar-glazed months of the year.

Really, most American holidays share a common theme of sugary foods. We just can’t get enough of it, simply because…it’s just GOOD!

Tantalizing Halloween Treats That Everyone Will Love

Out come the ghouls, witches, goblins and zombies for their annual spook fest! Costume shopping and anticipating the season’s parties to celebrate autumn is on the minds of many, especially our little trick or treaters. Halloween can be seen as the kickoff to the year-end gatherings, cooking, baking and making memories.

Interesting Facts about Pumpkins and Other Imported Autumn Traditions

Pumpkins are commonly an icon for autumn and an American symbol for the Thanksgiving holidays. As October approaches, we can almost taste the pumpkin pie. About 80% of the pumpkin harvest in the United States occurs in the coming autumn month.

While pumpkins are related to the American Thanksgiving holiday, they were actually imported from south of the border. Some sources say that pumpkins came from South America and others says Mexico, but archaeologists found seeds in Mexico that they believe to be from a pumpkin that date from 7000 to 5500 BC.

Busy College Student Recipes to Make in Your Dorm

As a college student, you will find that life is touch and go, especially as the semester progresses.

The name of the game is maximizing your time. Squeezing in the many activities that you need to attend to can be daunting! Just covering the basics can take be overwhelming! Finding time to sleep, which some students treat as optional, and working in fun somewhere in the mix to preserve your sanity can tear you in every direction at once.

How a Personal Chef Can Help Tucson’s Senior Community

Food is a very personal subject for most of us. Meal times are a time to relax and be submerged in pleasant flavors making contact with our taste buds and enjoyable textures to feel in our mouths.

The culinary experience is even more satisfying when the food is fresh and clean with its full range of nutrients; unfortunately, too many of Tucson’s seniors miss out on this.

Granted, when there are medical reasons for an enforced change of eating habits most people grudgingly accept the idea, but the foods they are permitted to eat should still be pleasing to the senses.

How to Get Off the Diet Roller Coaster and Enjoy Food Sensibly

Our news feeds are flooded with the latest and greatest miracle diets and supplements, making it difficult for us to know which the best choice is. Just about every kind of diet you can imagine has gained media publicity at some point in someone’s attempt to either inform us for our own good or just make a buck. Over 100 diets are identified on WebMD, so it’s no wonder information about some new diet passes by your vision practically daily.

5 Healthy Foods to Eat on a Budget

Many people who shop for groceries on a budget unintentionally short change their health by getting low-cost, processed canned meat, white bread, and other fat and sugar-filled refined products. Frozen dinner entrees for a buck may seem like such a good deal, but these food items really don’t save you money because just one of them is rarely satiating.

Make no mistake, healthy, balanced diets cost less to maintain than you think!

5 Terrific Fruits to Enjoy This Summer

Summer offers a bounty of fresh fruits like no other time of the year. Most of our favorite fresh fruits are coming into their peak season, which is mid and late summer. Some of the most delicious foods that cross your lips yield enormous health benefits when you eat your daily allowances.

Here are 5 awesome summer season fruits burgeoning with nutrition and flavor for your enjoyment:

7 Ways to Keep Hydrated Everyday

Dry summer heat drives us to think more about staying hydrated, but so many people still want to grab one of those over-sized, super thirst quenchers over a glass of “sky juice”. Even then, many of us aren’t prompted to grab a drink until we are already extremely thirsty. As the winter months run their course, we become dehydrated without realizing it. The cooler temperatures tend to be deceitful as we are not as likely to pay as much attention to thirst.

If you feel thirsty, you are already dehydrated!

4th of July Goodies for the Grill

It’s about that time of year again! Time to invite the friends and family, light the grill and lay on the grub! You are probably already making your list of sumptuous dishes for your 4th of July cookout and will soon be shopping for all the ingredients.

Everyone has their version of a 4th of July feast. For some it’s hamburgers, hot dogs, baked beans and potato salad, for others it’s chicken and steak plus a table full of trimmings and vegetarians may prefer the likes of marinated tofu, tempeh burgers or a mountain of grilled squashes, peppers and Portobello caps.