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Chef Maggie Understands Special Dietary Requirements

Chef Maggie Understands Special Dietary Requirements

Let's face it ...

Love this, but can’t eat that? Chef Maggie, a Tucson personal chef, cooks within your dietary requirements tasty, delicious meals that satisfy!

As your Tucson personal chef, the only time you spend worrying about what to eat is when you ask the question, “What’s for dinner?”

Dietary Personal Chef Preparation for Meals

When you work with me, you get:

  • Meal planning that strictly follows your dietary requirements
  • Grocery shopping service for high quality ingredients
  • Affordable in-home meal preparation

Just imagine how great your kitchen will smell when you walk in to a gourmet dinner made in your own home?

Following a strict diet is not easy. Now, you don’t have to try to manage this on your own. With my experience and expertise, I put the fun back into eating healthy.

Call me at 520.971.8422 or shoot me an email at, and let’s talk about how I can help you eat better according to your specific dietary requirements.

You've come to the right place!

Do you suffer from a health condition that keeps you on a strict diet? Do you have cancer and need to be on an ever-changing diet to stay healthy? Or do you simply want to eliminate certain foods from your kitchen? You’ve come to the right place!

Stay at home family dinners. For everyone single or on a special diet, she has it for you. Large selection of entrees, desserts, appetizers or what ever your hearts desires. “Weight Watchers” friendly, we have lost within 5 lbs of our goal weight.”- Merlene and Larry

As a personal chef in Tucson, I have years of experience preparing tasty meals for people just like you.

  • A gluten sensitivity?
  • Celiac disease?
  • Cancer?
  • Diabetes?
  • Food Allergies?
  • A Weight Watchers Plan?
  • A desire to eat vegetarian?

With my help, you stay happy, healthy, and well fed!

The kitchen is my playground. I love mixing and matching ingredients to create delicious new meals. When it comes to special dietary requirements, I work with the ingredients you enjoy, and that are within your dietary restrictions to create great tasting food. You won’t even know you’re on a special diet!

Unless requested, I never make the same thing twice. You can count on me to come up with fresh new recipes to keep your meals exciting and your taste buds loving every bite.

In addition to cooking up delicious meals in the comfort of your own home, I also save you money. Just think of how time consuming and costly it is to create meals that adhere to your special diet. The time it takes to plan your meals, put together your grocery list, and the money it takes to go to the grocery store (or sometimes multiple grocery stores) to buy high quality ingredients that keep you healthy all adds up. Then, you have to go home and find time in your busy schedule to actually prepare the meals.

You could get takeout. But let’s face it, take out is, well… takeout. It is not healthy, it is expensive and it rarely meets the special dietary guidelines you need to follow to live well.