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Sick, Senior or Disabled?

Sick, Senior or Disabled?

Let's face it ...

Cooking at home is no easy task. You have to spend the time and energy planning your meals, going the grocery store, chopping up the ingredients, and standing in a hot kitchen. For anyone who is sick, disabled, or elderly, cooking can be extremely difficult, if not impossible.

Although you have a terrific support network of family and friends ready to bring you a meal now and then, you need healthy food that both tastes great and meets your dietary requirements on a regular basis.

Senior Retired Food Reparation Personal Chef

A Tucson Personal Chef Can Help You Live Better!

Whether you only need short-term services while you get back on your feet after being in the hospital, or long-term services to help you eat well for years to come, Tucson Personal Chef Maggie is your answer.

Chef Maggie makes it easy to find foods to eat. Each week she works her magic and finds new and exciting dishes to prepare. With all my restrictions I never imagined it would be possible to have a healthy and delicious variety of meals available, but she makes it happen! - Gregg

When you welcome Chef Maggie into your home, you can trust that each meal will be carefully prepared and packaged so that it is easy for you to heat up and eat whenever you want.

  • Planning meals for you that you get to approve in advance
  • Shopping at the grocery store for fresh, healthy ingredients
  • Chopping, dicing and preparing each dish in the comfort of your home
  • Packaging up each meal with special easy-to-follow heating instructions
  • Leaving your kitchen cleaner than when she arrived

Sometimes, people need a little bit of extra help to live healthy, happy lives. If you were just released from the hospital, struggle to cook because of a disability, or if you simply want some help in your golden years, Chef Maggie is your answer.

To get the help you or your family needs preparing healthy foods, call me at 520.971.8422 or send me an email at