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Setting the Table for Millennials

Each year, as children grow into adults, they experience the wider world around them and expand their palates, the world of foods found in markets, on menus, and in our refrigerators changes with them. In the blink of an eye, spinach salads give way to microgreens, antipasti becomes tapas, and fast food is nixed in favor of wholesome foods cooked at home.

Make Your Next Grilled Cheese Sandwich a Masterpiece

One grilled cheese is just as good as any other grilled cheese, right? If you are of the belief that a grilled cheese is simply bread + cheese, and there’s not much room for improvement, think again. Now think again AGAIN.

Consider these two primary elements and just how much variety, cultural specialty, and abundance of each are out in the world. If your mind isn’t already boggling, it’s about to.


How a Personal Chef Can Help Tucson’s Senior Community

Food is a very personal subject for most of us. Meal times are a time to relax and be submerged in pleasant flavors making contact with our taste buds and enjoyable textures to feel in our mouths.

The culinary experience is even more satisfying when the food is fresh and clean with its full range of nutrients; unfortunately, too many of Tucson’s seniors miss out on this.

Granted, when there are medical reasons for an enforced change of eating habits most people grudgingly accept the idea, but the foods they are permitted to eat should still be pleasing to the senses.

Why You Want to Host a Truffle Party this Month

Maybe you've been wanting to have some friends over to catch up, or you love entertaining. Perhaps you even have a group of great friends who all love dessert (and making it).

No matter who your friends are and what reasons you may have to party with them, you must agree that few things are better than spending time with great people who understand you—except maybe chocolate; or perhaps socializing with friends while eating chocolate. But what about making chocolate with your friends?

Love Sushi? Make Sushi. Eat Sushi!

With its roots in pre-recorded history, sushi has a long tradition of making hungry bellies happy. Our contemporary notion of sushi was developed in the early 19th Century. Earlier sushi was made from fermented ingredients, but beginning in the 1800s it was made with fresh ingredients so it could be made and eaten quickly.

Let Chef Maggie Host Your Football Party

It’s Monday, and that means you have 25 people coming to your house to watch the football game. In some ways, it’s your favorite time of the week. You get to see all your friends and relax while cheering on your favorite team. But in other ways, there’s so much to do. After getting off work at 5pm, you race home to begin preparing food for your guests.

You thought that it would be easy. After all, you’re only preparing a few snacks. But there are guest food allergies to accommodate, vegetables to chop, plus the challenge of keeping warm food warm while all your guests arrive.

A Conference, Personal Chefs, and Special Diets

When the U.S. Personal Chef Association (USPCA) gathered in Long Beach, California, this July for an annual conference, I was among the many personal chefs who attended.

5 Ways a Personal Chef Can Enhance Your Life

Think that you can’t benefit from a personal chef? Think again! There are so many ways that having a personal chef will enhance your life, and contrary to popular belief, a personal chef is not a luxury for the rich. It is a small investment in a better lifestyle. Here are just a few of the reasons why you will love having a personal chef.

1. You'll save money.

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