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Foods to Eat in October

Fall is officially here in Arizona, and we are lucky enough to snag some not-too-hot weather, soak up the rain, and of course, start seeing all those gorgeous foods growing in our Fall veggie gardens. October is the perfect month to enjoy a veritable cornucopia of fruits and vegetables, and every year we all look forward to the seasonal recipes that take advantage of that bounty.

How to Transition Your Diet from Meat to Veggie

You’ve just been to your doctor for a checkup and found your results to be less than desirable. Maybe your blood pressure was over a good range, your sugar was a tad on the high side, or the usual extra pounds didn’t budge even though you’ve been trying that new diet. Or maybe you just got the results back on your blood panel and your high cholesterol levels were the main topic of discussion at your consultation.

Spring Cleaning for Your Body: How to Safely Cleanse and Revitalize Your Liver

Spring is a time of renewal for all of nature, a time of expansive energy and budding youth. Our bodies tick to the same biological clock as we are all part of the natural world.

Traditionally, we spend the winter eating heavy, fatty foods that are more difficult for our bodies to process, with our liver taking the brunt of the work. As your body’s main escape hatch for toxins, your liver will benefit from spring cleaning.

A Conference, Personal Chefs, and Special Diets

When the U.S. Personal Chef Association (USPCA) gathered in Long Beach, California, this July for an annual conference, I was among the many personal chefs who attended.

Tailgate Tips: How to Have the Football Party of the Season

It’s that time of year again! The time of year where old rivalries seem to kick into high gear, and friends bond together with team spirit. As you cheer your favorite football team to victory, you may want to gather your friends outside the stadium, in your backyard, or around the TV to enjoy the sport as a group.

One of the best parts of any football experience is the tailgate. Tailgating before a game, gets everyone excited for the helmet crashing, pigskin tossing ahead. To help you give your guests the football party of the season here are a few tips.


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