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A Conference, Personal Chefs, and Special Diets

When the U.S. Personal Chef Association (USPCA) gathered in Long Beach, California, this July for an annual conference, I was among the many personal chefs who attended.

I participated in hands-on classes that taught about cooking with wild game, making fresh corn tamales, appropriately pairing wines, using the best and freshest olive oil, and even cooking fresh sushi! Along with these exciting course offerings, there were also presentations at the conference about a variety of topics relevant to personal chefs. One of several topics presented was learning to shop, plan, and cook for clients who have special diet needs.

During the seven years I’ve been in business in Tucson, I have come to specialize in dietary restrictions, as well as in vegetarian, vegan, diabetic, heart healthy, low-fat, natural, and organic foods and menus.

There has been a continued surge in such special dietary requests in recent years, and I expect to quickly incorporate the conference’s insights about special dietary restrictions—such as cooking for gluten-free diets—into my repertoire of custom meal programs that I develop for local families.

Personal chefs like me provide meal planning and meal preparation to a growing number of families eager to make life easier. These culinary experts provide a range of cooking services, from simple three-course meals to dinner parties, and they can cook for families and senior citizens with special dietary needs, such as food allergies or vitamin deficiencies.

Armed with the necessary skills, a personal chef plans a menu, shops for ingredients, then prepares meals in the kitchen, stocks the meals in the refrigerator or freezer, and even handles cleanup! In addition to offering variety and versatility, personal chefs can provide the peace of mind that individuals with dietary restrictions or other special diets are having their needs met in the best possible way.

Continuing education like the classes and presentations I attended at the USPCA conference help personal chefs adapt to the latest techniques, cooking technologies, food science, and knowledge about food so that we can better meet your needs and dietary requirements.