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10 Edible Flowers to Pep up Your Spring Menu

You’ve likely heard of or been to restaurants who serve edible flowers with their meals, whether they are part of a main dish or simply a garnish. Flowers have been used for thousands of years by cultures around the world, the most notable being the, Chinese, French, Greeks and Romans. While downhome American comfort food dishes stand alone, using flowers is part of traditional cooking for a few other cultures; Italians use squash blossoms, for example.

Bread: Our Most Cherished Ancient Delight

Many people would agree that the smell and taste of freshly baked bread is one of the most satisfying in the world. Our olfactory sense and taste buds are fans of thousands of scents and tastes, but bread seems to be a commonly agreed upon favorite. It’s the food of fellowship, hence the phrase, “break bread together”, meaning, “Let’s share conversation and food”.

Don’t Bug Me, I’m Eating! Unconventional Foods You May Be Missing

“Please pass the crickets” would be an anomalous grouping of words during the usual American family meal. Most people in America also won’t be giving their sweetheart a tin of chocolate coated ants for Valentine’s Day.

For the Love of Chocolate

People all over the world love noshing on bars and cubes of chocolate confections during the holiday season. Candy canes are a classic symbol for Christmas, but chocolate Santas and boxes of the finest names in chocolate are one of the most gifted food items during the holidays.

Whether you prefer silky, creamy milk chocolate or love to melt rich, voluptuous dark chocolate across your palate, people the world over have a deep love affair with this incredible food of the gods.

Tis the Season for Fruitcake!


It’s either loved or hated; there is rarely an indifferent opinion. Many people see this as a cloyingly sweet confection that is dense and hard enough to break a truck windshield. Just seeing the little plastic containers of the candied fruit mix in the grocer’s produce section can turn the stomachs of those who are not a fan.

Day before Hacks to a Stress-Free Thanksgiving Turkey Dinner

Aside from gift shopping and wrapping, Tucson’s holiday season is essentially built around one major question - What’s for dinner?

Enough Pumpkin Hype? Cherish the Season’s Awesome Autumn Apples

Pumpkin hype during the months of October and November has us seeing orange. Pumpkin products, beverages and foods swarm our grocery stores, coffee shops, recipe books and news feeds. Health and beauty aisles even display pumpkin hair products! Our high pumpkin fever would make the fabled Great Pumpkin proud!

Tantalizing Halloween Treats That Everyone Will Love

Out come the ghouls, witches, goblins and zombies for their annual spook fest! Costume shopping and anticipating the season’s parties to celebrate autumn is on the minds of many, especially our little trick or treaters. Halloween can be seen as the kickoff to the year-end gatherings, cooking, baking and making memories.

Interesting Facts about Pumpkins and Other Imported Autumn Traditions

Pumpkins are commonly an icon for autumn and an American symbol for the Thanksgiving holidays. As October approaches, we can almost taste the pumpkin pie. About 80% of the pumpkin harvest in the United States occurs in the coming autumn month.

While pumpkins are related to the American Thanksgiving holiday, they were actually imported from south of the border. Some sources say that pumpkins came from South America and others says Mexico, but archaeologists found seeds in Mexico that they believe to be from a pumpkin that date from 7000 to 5500 BC.

Busy College Student Recipes to Make in Your Dorm

As a college student, you will find that life is touch and go, especially as the semester progresses.

The name of the game is maximizing your time. Squeezing in the many activities that you need to attend to can be daunting! Just covering the basics can take be overwhelming! Finding time to sleep, which some students treat as optional, and working in fun somewhere in the mix to preserve your sanity can tear you in every direction at once.


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