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Nut and Seed Butters: The Health-Conscious Consumer’s Guide

Nut and seed butters come in a prodigious variety of types, with about any nut you want to grind into creamy goodness being available. Almond, cashew, peanut, sesame, soy or sunflower butters are most familiar to us, but food manufacturers are offering more creative varieties such as almond-pecan, Brazil, or apricot kernel almond.
Nuts are excellent natural sources of the immunity-boosting antioxidant vitamin E, but they can be unhealthy when mishandled. Here are a few things to consider when purchasing a nut or seed butter for your eating enjoyment:

7 Foods that Boost Metabolism

Cellulite. Extra pounds. Flab. These are a few of today’s buzz words in the realm of diet and exercise. How to lose or maintain weight is a question so many of us have, and pharmaceutical companies and the food industry have answered with all kinds of diet shakes, super smoothies, magic pills and elixirs. Even being so well-armed we are still losing the battle of the bulge.

5 Foods with Hidden High Sugar

Sugarcane was first grown and harvested in about the 8th century B.C. in India, and people have used sugar as food since. Prior to that, the common sweetener was honey. We have come to be so infatuated with the sweet stuff in America today that we consume it like never before – sometimes without really being aware of it.

Have Your Cake and Eat It Too – Even When You’re Allergic to Wheat

Ever notice how some of the tastiest treats seem to have wheat, flour, and sugar? For people allergic to wheat, or sensitive to gluten, this can be a nightmare. You want to indulge now and then, but you know that your body will pay the price if you do.

With more and more people becoming intolerant of wheat, bakers and chefs in Tucson and around the nation have found ways to make delicious treats with wheat replacements.

Here are some common wheat replacements I love to cook with for people that are allergic to wheat.

5 Ways to Set a Dietary New Year's Resolution that Becomes a Habit

Many of us set resolutions for New Year’s, with one of the top resolutions being related to diet and exercise. We resolve to take better charge of our dietary habits in the next year than we did in the past and cook up fanciful ideas in the midst of holiday mania. Once the party is over those notions fade in color, and we lose motivation to make them happen.

10 Tips for Clean Eating

Clean eating. What is it? In a nutshell, clean eating focuses on eating whole, unprocessed foods. Ancient East Indian philosophy classifies this type of food as “Sattvic”, or freshly prepared, and not overcooked, spiced or salted.

Clean eating is meant to reduce the toxic load placed on our bodies by not overwhelming it with high amounts of salt, sugar, fats and chemicals found in so many foods in today’s grocery stores. To achieve this sort of diet, we often have to prepare meals at home. For some of you, perhaps the thought of time-consuming meal preparation comes up.

5 Ingredient Substitutes for Healthier Holiday Treats

The Holiday Season has started, and we all know what that means - rich foods and baked goods galore! For many of us, the 12 days of Christmas are often more like the 12lbs of Christmas. Looking for ways to cut-down on the holiday calorie uptick? Allow me to present you with 5 healthier alternatives to winter’s worst offending ingredients.

1. Applesauce for Butter

How to Eat to Get All of Your Body’s Essential Vitamins

There's a lot of talk in our society these days about whether or not we should be taking vitamin supplements. Whether we want to correct a deficiency or remain healthy through cold and flu season and periods of high stress, we want to be sure our bodies are getting all of the tools they need to keep us going.

While some supplements are certainly beneficial for particular needs, it is also possible to get many essential vitamins from the foods we eat.

4 Delicious Alternatives to Pasta

Pasta: it’s a staple. But versatile and tasty as it can be, this staple can also get boring. Not to mention how unhealthy it can be to eat the same thing time and again, especially if that same dish consists of heavy carbohydrates.

Never fear, there are alternatives for the pasta you hold dear. These alternatives can make pasta dinner a more nutritious undertaking and refresh your passion for the noodly dish as it finds its way onto your plate less frequently.


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