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How to Throw an Unforgettable Couples’ Date Night

Everyone loves hanging out with their friends for a night on the town, but there are times when you want to get together with other couples and have a fun night in too. From games to movies, couples’ date nights are always a hit, especially when the hosts make it a memorable experience.

Of course, building friendships and bonding over a good time is the best part of the night, but what your guests expect is to be treated to some delicious food and festivities so that they have lots to talk about throughout the night.
There are a few basics to throwing the perfect couples’ date night, and you’ll see how it can be incredibly easy and fun to play host for a special night in with your nearest and dearest twosomes!

Make Those Invites

If you want to set the tone that this evening is going to be a special one, it all begins with the invitations. There are a thousand easy ways to make fun, exciting invitations that will show your guests exactly what type of party they will be attending. From pre-printable options for handwritten invitations to trendy and artistic digital designs that are completely customizable, invitations are key to starting your couples’ night off on the right foot.

Be sure to include any pertinent information, including time, date, and entertainment for the evening so your guests can plan accordingly. To ensure that you have a great turnout, it is a good idea to send out those invitations at least three weeks in advance, though some party experts recommend five weeks ahead of time, and make sure that you include an RSVP date so you can get a proper headcount.

Plan Your Menu

Actually, before you plan your menu, be sure that you inquire the dietary restrictions of your guests. Discovering that some of your guests are vegetarians, gluten-free, or have food allergies will likely change any menu plans that you have already made, so get that information well in advance.

To plan your menu, consider a part of the world for food inspiration or make it an “all hands on deck” food situation where each course needs to be prepared by your guests. The latter is awesome for three reasons: one, your guests will help you with the heavy lifting of feeding everyone, two, you all get to eat while you prepare the food, and three, there will be so much to talk about as you prep, create, and indulge in your food, and what is more entertaining than that?

From appetizers through dessert, there are lots of ways that your guests can get their hands dirty – literally – and dive into creating the foods they are going to eat. Appetizers like gazpacho soup shooters, homemade wontons, and even chicken wings can be individually created by guests, each adding their own flair and spin for everyone to enjoy.

For the main course, think completely customizable food options like tacos, grilled pizzas, burgers, and Japanese chirashi bowls can be whipped up by each person and shared so everyone can experience incredible flavor combinations and can get a taste of other people’s creations.

Dessert done DIY are so much fun, especially when you go above and beyond to entertain your guests during the process. Think s’mores over an open fire, ice cream sundae bar, or really impress your dinner guests by hosting a truffle-making party to kick off the night!

Truffle making is such a fun time and your guests will get to make their own confections and take home plenty of extras to boot. My clients adore truffle parties, and I can certainly see why. All I have to do is show guests how to make the truffles (and yes, your guests will be thoroughly impressed that you’ve hired a personal chef!), and people take the reins and go crazy making those little chocolate beauties.

Entertain Your Guests

Never underestimate the power of a board game, group game like charades, or a classic couples’ night game – the at-home version of the Newlywed Game. Good music is a must, and it is easy to get everyone excited about hanging out and mingling with one another when you add some outdoor activities like glow in the dark bocce ball, a giant Jenga tournament with questions or dares on each tile, or a live-action who dunnit or spy game where someone is the killer or secret agent, and it is up to your guests to find out who!

Thank Your Guests with a Gift

Give everyone who comes to your couples’ night a fun reminder of the evening with mini bottles of wine, a box of homemade truffles, or a digital link to the evening’s playlist so they can hear their favorite tracks from your party anytime they like.