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Celebrate National Coffee Day with These Coffee Infused Foods

It’s a truth universally acknowledged that a mug of coffee in possession of the perfect blend of sugar and milk must be in want of a pastry. Of course, coffee in and of itself is the perfect pick me up and the best easy beginning to a Saturday morning, but, if you love all things coffee and always find yourself choosing the coffee flavored ice cream and coffee infused chocolate, then you’re in good company.
When it comes to coffee, Americans are fanatical about every step of the coffee process from where the beans originate to the brewing process to achieve the perfect cup. But the best part is the coffee infused foods inspired by America’s favorite drink. Coffee’s distinctive flavor can be a challenging taste to incorporate in meals, but when done just right, coffee infused foods can launch a humdrum meal to the status of a perfect cold brew.
Most people equate coffee with sweets like pastries or decadent evening desserts, but what may come as a surprise is that coffee can provide the deep undertones of flavor for a cool weather stew or tingle the taste buds in a steak. Coffee should never be contained just to the sweeter side of the palate.
Coffee Infused Meat
The dark flavor of coffee melds well with red meat. Whether steak, stew, or hamburger, coffee enriches the meat flavor while tenderizing the cut of meat. A number of herbs further compliment this flavorful and savory option. Coffee provides the perfect counterbalance to sweeter sauces often used on meat such as barbeque or a cilantro lemon inspired dip.
Dry coffee rubs will take your autumn and winter nights to a whole new level. Depending on the goals for the meat dish, an infusion of coffee can be incorporated in the dipping sauce as well as the marinade. Coffee-infused meat is the next step for the true coffee lover.
Coffee Infused Desserts
Coffee and sweets go hand in hand, creating the perfect bittersweet moment that you want to taste again and again. And the beauty of coffee is that it can be added to almost any dessert, bottling up that moment of coffee with cake. An infusion of coffee in brownies, cakes, cookies, or doughnuts anchors the lighter tones of sugar.
Finding the ideal balance between the strong flavors of coffee alongside the notes of fruit or cake requires an understanding of how coffee blends with pastries. Coffee easily overpowers the other flavors in a dessert if not balanced well. But Chef Maggie knows exactly how to marry coffee to dessert.
Coffee Infused Drinks
Depending on your love for coffee and openness to experiment, a small portion of coffee can tease the tongue in a cocktail or coffee itself can be infused with other flavors such as citrus or spice. Of course, sticking to the traditional black coffee is always an option. But, you could always choose a coffee milkshake or latte to go. Coffee-flavored hot chocolate is always yummy too!
Naturally, a coffee drink appears to be a given. But never underestimate the opportunities available in a simple drink. Coffee, in its purest form, powers some of the greatest minds in the world and gives man and woman the courage to face the trials of the day. So, today, we honor the gift of coffee by reveling in the possibility of coffee, not only in our to-go cups, but also on our forks.