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3 Nutrition Bar Favorites to Energize Your Active Lifestyle

Life is a high-demand undertaking for most people today, and much more so for those who are also physically active. Tired souls are always in search of extra energy to carry out long, busy days, and the many tonics, pills and supplements available in stores attest to that growing need.

Energy bars are a quick and easy go-to when we choose food for a boost. Dried fruits are nature’s candy, but the high amount of sugar deters borderline diabetics or those who are simply sugar-conscious. Luscious bananas and crisp apples can perish and become bruised unless they are kept in the right conditions. But energy bars can be carried in a purse, briefcase or a convenient pocket, plus many varieties are made to taste like a forbidden indulgence for dieters.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not bashing natural fruits as a snacking choice! However, the popular choice for active and on-the-go individuals tends to be high protein/low carb, and with the varieties and improved textures of bars these days it’s like having a way to cheat with a comfort food without the guilt (and sugar crash) of eating a candy bar. Convenience is the keyword, and energy bars are the peel and chew answer when hard-working, stressed people need to pull through a sluggish afternoon where there’s no time for a nap and brain deadness sets in.

In response to customer surveys and suggestions, many energy bar producers have fine-tuned the taste of their products. After all, despite the desire for healthy snacks and a bottomless well of energy, we are still driven by our taste buds. Here are a few energy and protein bars that are touted for their delivery of beneficial nutrients and great taste:

MusclePharm Combat Crunch Bars
When you eat to help your body grow and maintain muscles, you increase your resting metabolism – which in turn helps you burn fat. If this is your goal, Combat Crunch Bars are geared for you! They deliver only 210 calories per bar and are rated by body builders as the best tasting high protein bar. These are gluten free, low in sugar and net carbs and come in 6 flavors.

Quest Bars
Apple pie. Peanut butter and jelly. S’mores. Definitely doesn’t sound like serious health food, does it? Quest Nutrition has managed to please the taste buds of energy bar consumers with their variety of delicious flavors. Made with whey protein isolate and contain no added sugars, lovers of this bar claim the cookies and cream variety could be a substitute for cookies and milk!

CLIF Energy Bar
CLIF is a long-standing sweetheart for endurance athletes and health-conscious snackers who seek gustatory thrills. One of the most attractive attributes of CLIF bars is the pleasing texture, sparing eaters of the sandy consistency that so many energy and protein bars possess. Made with organic and all-natural ingredients! For that extra oomph in your day or to finish that long bike ride, tear open the CLIF bar of your choice for less than 300 calories and well-balanced protein, carbs and fat.