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January 2015

5 Foods with Hidden High Sugar

Sugarcane was first grown and harvested in about the 8th century B.C. in India, and people have used sugar as food since. Prior to that, the common sweetener was honey. We have come to be so infatuated with the sweet stuff in America today that we consume it like never before – sometimes without really being aware of it.

Have Your Cake and Eat It Too – Even When You’re Allergic to Wheat

Ever notice how some of the tastiest treats seem to have wheat, flour, and sugar? For people allergic to wheat, or sensitive to gluten, this can be a nightmare. You want to indulge now and then, but you know that your body will pay the price if you do.

With more and more people becoming intolerant of wheat, bakers and chefs in Tucson and around the nation have found ways to make delicious treats with wheat replacements.

Here are some common wheat replacements I love to cook with for people that are allergic to wheat.