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November 2014

How to Eat to Get All of Your Body’s Essential Vitamins

There's a lot of talk in our society these days about whether or not we should be taking vitamin supplements. Whether we want to correct a deficiency or remain healthy through cold and flu season and periods of high stress, we want to be sure our bodies are getting all of the tools they need to keep us going.

While some supplements are certainly beneficial for particular needs, it is also possible to get many essential vitamins from the foods we eat.

Why You Want to Host a Truffle Party this Month

Maybe you've been wanting to have some friends over to catch up, or you love entertaining. Perhaps you even have a group of great friends who all love dessert (and making it).

No matter who your friends are and what reasons you may have to party with them, you must agree that few things are better than spending time with great people who understand you—except maybe chocolate; or perhaps socializing with friends while eating chocolate. But what about making chocolate with your friends?