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October 2014

4 Delicious Alternatives to Pasta

Pasta: it’s a staple. But versatile and tasty as it can be, this staple can also get boring. Not to mention how unhealthy it can be to eat the same thing time and again, especially if that same dish consists of heavy carbohydrates.

Never fear, there are alternatives for the pasta you hold dear. These alternatives can make pasta dinner a more nutritious undertaking and refresh your passion for the noodly dish as it finds its way onto your plate less frequently.

Love Sushi? Make Sushi. Eat Sushi!

With its roots in pre-recorded history, sushi has a long tradition of making hungry bellies happy. Our contemporary notion of sushi was developed in the early 19th Century. Earlier sushi was made from fermented ingredients, but beginning in the 1800s it was made with fresh ingredients so it could be made and eaten quickly.